We are a group of individuals based in United Kingdom who encourage and appreciate the art of rational thinking. We put out best effort to learn, adapt and spread scientific temper and humanism as our way of life. We dream of a better world where facts are more celebrated than fiction.

It is scientifically proven that most of our thinking process is developed based on our pre-established socio cultural surroundings and the output is, we are biased and mostly non-rational in our judgements about many things around us. This thinking patterns and ignorance also contributes to one of the challenging problems of our time, religious extremism. But now we have reached a time to come out of such darkness and misunderstandings and find the truth and rationality about the origins of our old beliefs, superstitions etc.

We welcome all to join us in this wonderful journey of seeking the truth, appreciating the new knowledge and learning to refuse facts without trial or test.

Come join us. Lets work together.

To spread the light. To seek the truth. To make science, the essence of our life.

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